Hole in the Woods 2009

much of the winter was wiring, and keeping warm
lonely star main service main service
star kept me company main service box heater ready to fire
house SE March 09 house NE March house NW
March brought nice weather and finishing the EIFS. Star played mountain dog.
house SE April 09 house NE April house NW April
April was more wiring, less snow and starting work on the greenhouse.
May was electical inspection and more work outside. Karen was up more.
house SE June house NE June
June was serious work on the greenhouse.
house SE July house NE July entryway July
Work on the greenhouse ate up July and August.
house SE house NE house NW
After getting the entryway up in early September and a trip to New Zealand, stucco became the priority. Early October saw the base coat on.
November Chic December

Greenhouse enclosed

metal roof still to put on
Karen Peter and Family big dogs
Happy Karen. Peter and family joined us. Happy dogs