Pictures from 2011

Lots of snow by January
We have the best snow in years for skiing and snowshoeing. An early February thaw will crust it with ice, but more is on the way.
alternate use for my chisel
Keeping the birds in suet neccesitated attacking frozen pork. My wood chisel did a remarkable job peeling it off the trim saved for sausage.
pileated at the feeder
This has been a remarkable year for birdwatching.
Finally got the slate down. Makes the place look a lot more finished. Still have the bathroom tile to do as of May This was first winter with plants growing in the greeenhouse. The heat system was not really in place [saga of the leak in the water bag; waiting for the solar contractor; did get under-bed heating in] and kale and a few other plants made it fine. Used a space heater when it was 35 below, but otherwise kept above freezing. The girls fresh from grooming (the dogs, not Karen).
The oyster mushrooms were plentiful this year and extended into early June. recipes......
Garden terrace doing well in Julysummer greenhouse tomatoes & cukesBess on her hill..
yearling buck laying outside windowforay harvestStar, tree, pyrola..
Telluride from the topslim foray harvestdeck under construction..
C. tubeformis and Slippery Jacks Late greenhouse produce Golden Maples even afte Wind and Rain
up: deer/dog fence, solar collector, porchGreenhouse after the fallNew Foster 'B'