2018 Fungi Observations by Gene Kremer

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Intended to document some of the local diversity of mushrooms and other fungi, and as practice in observation and identification of fungi. Best viewed with Firefox.
Primary Location: mixed woods (aspen, fir, maple, birch, pine) 20 miles north of Duluth, MN 47.043 N 92.095 W

common name
scientific name
date location/substrate;cap;gills;stipe;spore print;microscopic notes; comments...right-click /view image for detail
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Asterophora lycoperdoides

saved - no
spore print - no
2018-07-24 Astemmed mushroom growing on top of Russula; cap cream with 'powder' 2-3 cm; stem cream, hollow, base a mass of mycelium.
Tyromyces chioneus
white cheese polypore
saved - yes
spore print - no
2018-05-11 A polypore on aspen, conk shaped, white, hard (at this time of year); tiny pores buff colored.

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