2019-20 Fungi Observations by Gene Kremer

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Intended to document some of the local diversity of mushrooms and other fungi, and as practice in observation and identification of fungi. Best viewed with Firefox.
Primary Location: mixed woods (aspen, fir, maple, birch, pine) 20 miles north of Duluth, MN 47.043 N 92.095 W

common name
scientific name
date location/substrate;cap;gills;stipe;spore print;microscopic notes; comments...right-click /view image for detail
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spore print -
Hypholoma capnoides

saved - yes
spore print - purplish brown
20201002Adense cluster on buried balsam chips; cap convex cinnamon top fading to cream edge, inrolled, glaborous, dry; gills adnate, close, white turning grey; stipe 3-6cm x 10-12mm, buff, lacking ring (distinguishing it from H. sublaterium), cortina on very young with some tissue sticking to cap edge, equal, appears ceaspitose.
Innocybe rimosa

saved - yes
spore print - light brown
20200812Agroup on ground in mixed woods;cap 2-4 cm conical, tan darker on pointed umbo, edge separating; gills close, tan becoming darker; stipe 1 cm smooth tan somewhat striate, context white
Osteina obducta

saved - yes
spore print -
20200811Abracket cluster on conifer stump; 1-6 x 2-5 cm brackets fused and thickened at lateral base, off white, glaborus; rubbery fresh, tiny white pores; odor farinous, taste indistinct, hyaline with KOH.
Amanita siniflava

saved - yes
spore print -
20200810Aat base of dead aspen 12 cm; cap conical with vertical edge tan darkening to top center; gill free white; stipe straight, jaged lines on lower part, cup shaped volva.
Ramaria concolor

saved - no
spore print -
20200810Ccoral on groud in mixed woods; yellow branching stipes same as top; tips somewhat crested; odor anise, taste mildly bitter.
Phylotopsis nidulans

saved - no
spore print -
20200808Aon dead aspen several;cap 3x5cm orange, many darker fibers, oval, edge inturned; gill wide color as cap; laterally attached, no stipe.
Gyromitra leucoxantha

saved - yes
spore print -
2020-08-01 Bcup fungi on downed log with moss; cup 4-8 x 6-8 cm edge curled to cup; inner surface light brown, minutely velvety, somewhat irregular in bottom of cup; outer surface tan, velvety, edge folded in to center; attachment central by short irregular stipe.
Agaricus abruptibulbus

saved - eaten
spore print -
2020-08-01 Aon ground in mixed woods; cap 4-6 cm 'blocky' convex, creamy white, smooth; gills free, close, pink (young specimen), partial veil left on edge; stem 4 x 1.5 cm white, bulbous base, almond odor, no or minimal yellowing rxn to KOH
Hemileccinus subglabripes
syn. Boletus subglabripes

saved - yes
spore print - cinnamon brown
2020-07-18 Aon ground in mixed woods, loose group; cap 3-10 cm glaborus, brownish tan, smooth; pores yellow, pores tiny, not bruising, nearly free; stem 1.2-2.5 cm, light yellow to yellow, tiny scabers? same color as stipe
Agrocybe praecox

saved - yes
spore print - cinnamon brown
2019-09-11 Aon well decayed wood; cap 2-4 cm, cream with brown small umbo, darkening to tan-brown with age; gills cream becoming orangish-brown, attached; stipe 3-4 cm x .5 cm, equal, cream and grayish; odor/taste unremarkable; spore print brown; KOH turning pileus darker brown.
Russula albonigra

saved - yes
spore print -
2019-07-28 Aon ground in mixed woods; cap 6 cm x 7 cm, glaborus, white quickly turning gray on handling and black upon bruising; gills white turning black on testing for lactation; stipe 4cm x 1.5 cm, white turning black on handling; odor/taste unremarkable.

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