Touring Nova Scotia 2010

In late May of 2010 we had the pleasure of visiting Nova Scotia for the first time. In character, we found it to be a bit like a combination of New Zealand's South Island and US New England coast. After the Mi'kmaq, French settlers were displaced by British/Scottish settlers; all of these seem to be part of their heritage. A part of Canada's maritime provinces, Petrol is in liters, measurements are metric, liquor sales are controlled (prices are equitable wherever you are), and the CA$ is currently about on par with US$. Located about on the 45th parallel, south of much of Minnesota, but in Atlantic Time Zone. People appear considerably more laid back than Minnesota with plenty of time to talk. The ocean figures everywhere, affecting climate and cusine. There are way too many lobster boats (influx when the other fisheries were decimated), but if you like lobster, it's the place to go. Halifax is the major airport and primary metro area.

pictures and commentary