Touring Nova Scotia 2010
We flew into Halifax in the evening. Gary's bag went to Chicago [sigh] with promises that it would be forwarded. The airport is 40 km north of Halifax and we were headed north, so we stayed in Truro. That put us in place for watching the tidal bore off the Bay of Fundy into the river the next morning. Right-click and 'view image' to see more detail.

Along the route, many places were not open yet...early season and a holiday weekend. There are adequate roadsides and places to camp, like Five Islands where we stopped to strech and look.
Our destination this day was Advocate Harbor, just past the tip of the Cape d'Or peninsula. There is a kayak outfitter there (Nova Shores) who recommended the Wild Caraway as the best restaurant in Nova Scotia; meets with our experience. We went for lunch and came back for dinner ('supper' locally). The tide figures highly, with boats aground at low tide. Our cottage Driftwood Park Retreat was _very_ nice, and located behind a huge driftwood dune with a sand and pebble beach; it would be a good place to do some serious getting away.
There is also a restaurant at the Cape d'Or lighthouse which is a great place to watch the considerable tide rip. The steep road to it suggests a short hike down unless you have a small 4WD. Great views.