Touring Nova Scotia 2010

Our next stop was the least developed. Karen, Gene, and Cathy had planned a kayak tour from Rising Tide Expeditions in Gabarus, a very small community on the Atlantic coast of Cape Breton, and arranged to rent a house through them. This turned out to be quite rustic, which some were enchanted more than others. Our trip was cancelled due to the wind, but we did do some nice hiking.

The last day was the East Shore Road (so named by locals) or Marine Drive on the tourist sites. Beautiful. Uncluttered. Scenic. A bit thin on wash rooms (not rest rooms or toilets here). We stopped in Sherbrooke. Although it was to early in the year for living history, the building spoke well.

The last night was posh. The B&B scheduled, Wooden Bear was definitely up scale. We were close enough to Halifax that we took a little of the harbor in there and had an excellent meal. Later, our hosts treated us to a fire by the lake and an excellent meal in the morning.